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Zirconia restoration

The IPS e.max ZirCAD® zirconia system combines high flexural strength with the aesthetics of natural tooth shades. Therefore it is suitable for single crowns, multi-unit bridges, and even cases where space is limited.

All our IPS e.max ZirCAD® are shaded with ZirCAD®  Color Zr infiltration liquids prior to sintering. IPS e.max® Ceram is used for all veneering, and IPS Ivocolor® is used for staining and glazing.

Trusted Cementation materials:


  • Ivoclean (cleaning prior to cementation)

  • Multilink® Automix

  • SpeedCEM®

ZirCAD® LT zirconia

ZirCAD® LT is the best full contour (monolithic) zirconia when durability is a must. Due to is high flexural strength (1200 MPa), it is ideal for long-span bridges and cases which only minimal occlusal reduction is possible.

ZirCAD® LT is most commonly used for all posterior regions. However, for anterior cases where higher aesthetic is required, porcelain veneering technique may be applied to enhances its translucency (extra surcharge applies for porcelain veneering).



  • Monolithic for posterior region

  • Cementable over most dark stump shades and metal implant abutments with minimal bleed through

  • Porcelain veneering for anterior region

  • Single unit restorations as thin as 0.4 mm

  • Long-span bridges

  • Implant superstructures for single-tooth restorations or long-span bridge




  • For monolithic restorations, 1mm minimal reduction occlusally, axially with 0.8mm chamfer margins preferred for best fits.

  • For porcelain veneered restorations, 1mm reduction occlusally and axially with 1.3mm reduction in the facial incisal region where the porcelain will be placed. Chamfer margins preferred for best fits.

ZirCAD® MT zirconia

Introducing the high translucent zirconia IPS e.max ZirCAD® MT. While ZirCAD® LT monolithic restorations have mostly been used in the posterior region for aesthetic reasons, ZirCAD® MT is suitable for the fabrication of appealing anterior restorations.

Because of its higher translucent nature, it allows high aesthetic restorations to be achieved in monolithic. This is a great option for restorations that requires the strength of a typical zirconia (~850 MPa),  but with an outstanding transparency like the lithium disilicate (i.e. IPS e.max) without the use of porcelain Veneering.




  • Anterior or Posterior region

  • Balance between strength and aesthetic

  • Ideal full contour monolithic restoration

  • up to 3 unit bridges




  • For monolithic restorations, 1mm minimal reduction occlusally, axially with 0.8mm chamfer margins preferred for best fits.

ZirCAD® MT Multi zirconia

IPS e.max ZirCAD® MT Multi essentially has the same high translucency and flexural stength as ZirCAD® MT but additionally with progression of shades, which maximises the appearance of monolithic crowns and bridges without necessitating the application of characterisations and optimises the efficiency in the lab. Reproducing the tooth shade is made easy by the polychromatic discs in the A-D shades.

ZirCAD® PRIME zirconia

IPS e.max ZirCAD® PRIME is the latest zirconium oxide introduced by Ivoclar Vivadent that redefines all-ceramics. 


The revolutionary material ensures exceptional quality and aesthetics. This is made possible by Gradient Technology - a new, innovative manufacturing technique used in the production of the material. It is the key to outstanding quality.

Due to its very high strength of 1200 MPa, IPS e.max ZirCAD Prime is suitable for all indications - from single tooth to 14 unit bridges. The continuous and seamless progression of the shade and translucency within the material results in a highly aesthetic appearance. 



  • Anterior or Posterior region

  • Long span to full arch monolithic bridge

  • Full arch monolithic arch All-On-4 bridge

IPS e.max ZirCAD: Product
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