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Lithium discilicate restoration

IPS e.max® CAD is a lithium disilcate glass-ceramic for CAD/CAM technology. IPS e.max® combines high aesthetic vitality with high performance. This innovative glass-ceramic fulfils the highest demands and unites state-of-the-art technology with exceptional user friendliness.

IPS e.max® CAD is milled in a “soft” intermediate state in which displays its bluish colour. Crystallisation process at approximately 850°C allows IPS e.max® CAD to achieve its final strength of 360 MPa and acquires the desired aesthetic properties, such as tooth colour, excellent translucency and brightness.

Unlike any other CAD materials, IPS e.max® CAD covers a comprehensive spectrum of indications. A wide range of translucency levels, shades and block sizes offer great flexibility. With its ideal translucency, durability and strength, IPS e.max® CAD is available in full contour monolithic or cut back and porcelain veneered. This is our choice for single anterior crowns, veneers and inday/onlays as it truly mimics the light refraction and natural translucency for outstanding appearance.



  • Full contour monolithic or porcelain veneered

  • Full anatomical anterior or posterior crown (single-unit restorations)

  • Inlays

  • Onlays

  • Partial crowns and veneers



Trusted cementation materials:


  • Variolink® Esthetic

  • Multilink® Automix

  • SpeedCEM®

IPS e.max CAD: Product
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