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About Dental Link.


Dental Link Laboratory is a full service dental lab specialising in all-ceramic crowns and bridges and offering full range of dental products, including Zenostar® zirconia, IPS e.max® and all types of implant prosthesis. Being an AUTHORISED MILLING PARTNER OF IVOCLAR VIVADENT, Dental Link was established with one simple objective in mind and that is to provide you with the highest quality dental restoration by utilising the latest CAD/CAM technology. Embracing digital dentistry allows us to produce precise restorations, while work closely with all surgeons in an efficient manner.


At Dental Link Laboratory, we take the health and well-being of your patients seriously, as well as your satisfaction with our work. We are always willing to answer your questions and assist you when needed. We are your partners in excellence!

We now offers full denture treatment for patients by appointment at a very affordable price. Furthermore, your first consultation with our Clinical Technician will be free of charge

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Why use Dental Link Laboratory?



    Since embracing the state-of-the-art CAD/CAM technology; Wieland ZenotecTM Select Hybrid. Dental Link Laboratory has steadily increased our productivity and enhanced our product quality and consistency.


    The proven Wieland milling strategies and milling geometries produces high-precision results. And with its comprehensive 5-axis simultaneous milling system, it enables the production of even the most complex of shapes. With this innovative system, we can create highly exact crowns, bridges, wax/resin forms and models, veneers, inlays/onlays and implant abutments.


    ZenotecTM Select Hybrid is distinguished by its precision and efficiency in the dry milling of wide array of dental materials including; Zenostar® zirconia, Telio® CAD, ProArt® and ZenotecTM PMMA Cast. Furthermore, ZenotecTM Select Hybrid offers the option of both wet-grinding and dry-grinding operation. This allow us to provide IPS e.max® restorations digitally from start to finish.




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    With our latest CAD/CAM technology, Dental Link are able to process and manufacture restorations completely digital. The 3Shape CAD system allows precise 3D digital design of various types of restorations. Our system is fully compatible with most of today’s major intra-oral scanning systems, such as 3Shape TRIOS®, 3M True Definition® and Carestream CS scanners. Send us your digital scans and Dental Link will design and mill the products without the use of models. For traditional impressions, we have our own latest 3Shape desktop scanner, which allows us to scan impression models prior to proceeding with digital design.






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    We understands the importance of quality consistency and meeting deadlines. Hence being your local lab means we make every effort to give you the best quality restorations while also maintaining a dedication to the highest standards in client service. Dental Link will like to work closely with you and help you run your practice easier. We are here to ensure that all our restorations are customised the way how you like them. Contact us and tell us your needs and we will personalise our services accordingly.

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    Placing an order with Dental Link Laboratory is easy. Simply click on PLACE AN ORDER on our website and just follow through the steps. Upload any photos taken for shades or any additional documents and proceed to complete. Once completed, print out the completed order and pack along with the impression ready for delivery.


    If you are currently using an intra-oral scanner. Great news! Things may just be even easier! Give us a call now and speak to us. We will tell you the best way for us to work together digitally. CONTACT US NOW




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    All our work is made in-house by our New Zealand trained and Registered Dental Technician here at our lab situated in Epsom, Auckland. Our Technician take pride of his work, and would assure you only the highest standard of restorations would be delivered.


    Proud to provide you with a very competitive pricing in New Zealand without compromising on quality and service. Simple and straight forward pricing with no hidden charges. Talk to us to request for our latest information pack, which consists of our price list, order pad and a prepaid courier bag.






Our Services.




Dental Link offers Denture treatment for patients by appointment. Contact us now to make your first free consultation appointment.


Click here to find out more.









Turn-around time is based on from receiving your case at our door step, to case completed and delivered back to your practice.
Contact us to find out more


For Implant prosthesis. Please allow additional time for any implants brands that we have not previously worked with (see Implant prosthesis under Products).



*Extra surcharge applies to EXPRESS SERVICE



Our Guarantee


We are proud of the quality of all our restorations. Therefore all our crown and bridge restorations comes with 5 years warranty





At Dental Link Laboratory, we provide free shade taking services with photography for anterior crowns. Appointment booking is essential.





All couriers will be provided by us at no cost. Contact us for an information pack, which consist of our order pad and a postage paid courier bag. And with each completed case returned to your surgery we will include with the package a postage paid courier bag ready for you to send your next order through to Dental Link Laboratory.

How to Use our services.


Order form with conventional impression:


  • Please fill in the order form where requires and specify the fitting date and time.
  • Please do not put order form in with wet impressions so we can read your instructions accurately.
  • Please refer to the packaging checklist and pack your impression accordingly.



Order online with conventional impression:


  • Please follow the steps when placing your order online. Upload any additional documents along with your order.
  • Once order is completed. Please print a copy and attach to the impression ready for delivery.
  • Please do not put order form in with wet impressions so we can read your instructions accurately.
  • Please refer to the packaging checklist and pack your impression accordingly.



Digital impression:

  • For digital impressions, please contact us to find out the most suitable way.




  • Use only PVS or rubber impressions.
  • Please DO NOT send alginate impressions.
  • To make sure we provide you with the best possible quality and service allow us to pour up the model for you.
  • Package your impressions with extra care.
  • Always provide bite registration if possible.




You will receive an invoice along with each order and account statements will be sent to you at the end of each month. Accounts are to be paid within 20 days of receiving your statements. We accept Master card, VISA, direct debit or cheque (2% surcharge applies to all credit card payments).



Place an Order.


Online order

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Printable PDF order form


Order Form

Place an order by printing out the Order form provided. Or Contact Us and we will send you our information pack with a pad of order forms included.


For more information on how to use our Services.


Dental Link Laboratory provides full facility for patient who requires any denture treatments. You may park your car across the road from our laboratory on Clyde Street, as there will be plenty of road side parking available. Contact Us Now to make your first FREE consultation appointment with our Clinical Technician.


Service including:

  • Partial Dentures
  • Full Dentures
  • Metal Dentures
  • Immediate Dentures
  • Reline
  • Denture repair
  • Denture Cleaning




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Phone: 09 623 0825


Address: 3/97 Manukau Road, Epsom, Auckland, New Zealand



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